What’s My Office Renovation’s service area?2021-07-21T07:24:07+00:00

We cover all area for Klang Valley and Selangor.

How long has My Office Renovation been in business?2021-07-21T07:23:24+00:00

7 years

Do you charge for site visit?2021-12-20T02:20:51+00:00

No, it’s Free Of Charge as part of our complimentary to you.

Who will manage my project? Will they be available to answer my questions? Will they be on the site regularly?2021-12-20T02:27:31+00:00

We assign a professional Project Manager to every project we work on to ensure it is properly managed. The Project Manager is responsible for every phase of your project once the consultant has completed the design, layout and has ordered your materials. The Project Manager is either present every day for part of the day while the project is ongoing or is in contact with the contractor to ensure the project is running smoothly. The Project Manager is available to you by phone and email at all times.

How long the project takes?2021-12-20T02:30:44+00:00

We can give estimated time to completion. Kindly take note there will be changes of timeline due to unforeseen circumstance should it occurs. In general, a minor renovation usually 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity, major renovation 1-2 months depending on the unit square footage and reinstatement will take around 3-4 weeks be conditional on management requirements.

What’s the payment terms?2021-12-20T02:40:36+00:00

We accept online transfer and cheque. The standard payment process is 50% should be paid before starting the renovation, 30% during work progress and 20% after full completion.

Once I pay the deposit payment, how long it will take to begin the work?2021-12-20T02:41:08+00:00

We will start the renovation process usually within a day or two after an agreement is finalized. The design process and material selection can take quite a bit of time, so the sooner we start, the better it is for you.

I need to stay within the budget. Can My Office Renovation work within that budget and help me maintain it?2021-12-20T02:42:12+00:00

Yes we can work towards your dedicated budget at best. During your consultation, we should be able to tell you if we can work within your budget, and whether your budgetary expectations are reasonable and doable. Based on your budget we will prepare labor proposal and choose the material and keep the price within your budget.

How do I get started with My Office Renovation?2021-12-20T02:43:33+00:00

It all starts with free site visit, which you can contact our person in charge to set an appointment.

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